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Bre-Anna Beavan

Bre-Anna Beavan Spruce Paddle copy.jpg

Bre-Anna is Kinistin Saulteaux First Nations and was born in Whitehorse, Yukon. She spent most of her childhood in Watson Lake and has always loved first nations art. Bre-Anna has always been very artistic and creative; she enjoys being involved in art classes, workshops, drawing, and making dreamcatchers. Over the years in the NCES program, advanced carvers and other artists attending cultural events have mentored her.

In May 2014, she joined the beginners program at Northern Cultural Expressions Society. The program has improved her skills as an artist; able to produce small plaques, paintings and larger projects like paddles and masks. Bre-Anna took part in the Adaka Festival & Voices of the Water Dugout Canoe Project; where she assisted in carving out a spruce tree canoe. The carving techniques and skills gained from the NCES program improved while participating in these larger projects, with the guidance of Master Carver Wayne Price who was leading the dugout process. She is now a Youth Representative on the board of NCES. She continues to learn and flourish in First Nations Northwest Coast Art and Design.

“As a member of NCES, I’ve had an awesome experience here in which I learned a lot about First Nations Art. Being here has helped me as an artist, come out of my shell more, becoming more confident in making art and getting involved in something I’ve always enjoyed. What I’m expecting in the future is to keep following my passion and interest as an artist; and learn new things on the way.” – Bre-Anna Beavan