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Nathan Dawson

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A citizen of Kwanlin Dün First Nations, Nathan Dawson was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon. He is of Selkirk First Nation, Southern Tutchone, and Tlingit decent; as well as a member of the Dakhl’awedi clan.

Nathan participated in the Working & Leading Program: Youth Preparing for the Future program offered at Yukon College. The program’s objective is delivered in a positive and supportive environment that encourages youth to learn more about themselves explore career options and plan for their futures. The delivery of the program is taught through hands-on activities, interactive workshops, field trips and guest speakers. It was a bowl-making workshop that triggered Nathan’s interest in carving and led him to join the Northern Cultural Expressions Society’s “Beginners Carving Program”.

Participating in the carving program allows Nathan to further his skillset through various workshops in silk screening, soapberry spoon carving and knife making.

Intrigued by his culture, Nathan wants to continue the tradition of the generations that came before him. Also, explore other styles of art such as the Northwest Coast Art and Tlingit art form.

In hopes of becoming an accomplished artist, Nathan wants to promote traditional stories to the world by expressing it through his carvings.

“I hope to get the story of the art out into the world.” – Nathan Dawson

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