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Jacob Blanchard

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Admiring art from a young age, Jacob was fortunate to shadow artists from his home community Carmacks. This motivated him to move to Whitehorse in pursuit of dreams to create art of his own.

In 2006 Jacob joined Northern Cultural Expressions Society’s “Carving Our Path Program”, where he developed his technique by working with acknowledged Yukon artists.

Later becoming a participant in the Advanced Carver’s Program, Jacob worked on his pieces at the studio. He continued to improve his skills by incorporating traditional and cultural knowledge into sculpting, sanding, painting and printing. He has participated in local events such as the Rendezvous International Snow Carving event in 2008, and assisted with the Dugout Canoe Summer Project in 2009.

Jacob is a Little Salmon Carmacks citizen. He believes that aboriginal youth can be leaders for the next generation by absorbing traditional teachings from elders.

“My belief is that we should take care of ourselves so we can pass it on and leave a good message to help others take care of themselves.” – Jacob Blanchard

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